Investigation of sorption processes

Анализатор химической и физической сорбции AutoChem 2950

Analyzer of chemical and physical sorption AutoChem 2950 HP (Micromeritics, USA), integrated with quadrupole mass spectrometer UGA-300 (Stanford research system, USA)
Possible methods of analysis: TPR (TPR), TPO (TPO), TPD (TPD), TPA (TPReaction), determination of specific surface by single-point BET

Анализатор хемосорбции ChemiSorb 2750

Chemisorption analyzer ChemiSorb 2750, integrated with mass spectrometer QMS-300
The device is intended for the study of samples of different nature of the kinetics of nonisothermal methods, studies of the sorption characteristics of the surface. Perhaps the study of physical and chemical sorption.

Анализатор удельной поверхности и пористости Tristar 3020

Specific surface area and porosity analyzer Tristar 3020
The device allows to measure the surface area and pore volume for today’s advanced materials: catalysts and sorbents, nano-composite materials and powders, biological objects, chromatographic phases.
Specific surface area and porosity analyzer 3Flex (Micromeritics, USA)
The device for analysis of porous structure of porous materials by low-temperature adsorption of inert gases, including analysis of microporous materials and also chemisorption analysis under reduced pressure.
Simultaneous thermal analysis instrument STA 449 F1 Jupiter, integrated with a gas mass spectrometer QMS 403 Aeolos (NETZSCH-Geraetebau GmbH, Germany)
Intended for thermal analysis and mass spectrometry of products decomposition (desorption, reaction, etc.) in an inert or oxidizing atmosphere under reduced or atmospheric pressure.