Laboratory of catalytic research has founded a selection of school conferences to be held in Tomsk State University.

International scientific school conference for young scientists “Catalysis: from Science to Industry”
The conference is intended to serve as a platform for young scientists which allows them to be able to learn the results of research by the leading Russian specialists, demonstrate and discuss their own achievements and ideas, define the promising directions for scientific research and possibilities for implementing innovations, establish creative relationships, and discuss the possible conditions for the mutually beneficial collaboration. The school conference is a regular action arranged for young scientists working on fundamental and applied aspects of catalysis.

International conference for students and young scientists “Perspectives for the development of fundamental sciences”
Co-chairman of the program committee: I.A. Kurzina, Sc.D.
Member of the program committee: O.V. Vodyankina, Sc.D., Professor
Member of the organization committee: N.I. Kosova, Ph.D.

International conference “Polyfunctional chemical materials and technologies”

The employees of the Laboratory also participate in other various actions on the platform of the Tomsk State University and other educational and scientific structures of Tomsk and Russia.