HPLC / MS / MS based UltiMate 3000 chromatograph (Dionex, USA) with triple quadrupole mass spectrometer API 2000 (AB Sciex, Canada-US)
Жидкостной хроматограф Agilent LC1200
Liquid chromatograph Agilent 1200 with refractometric and diode matrix photometric detector (Agilent, USA)
Хроматограф Кристалл 5000.1, 5000.2
Crystal chromatographs Park 5000.1, 5000.2.
Chromatography-mass spectrometer Finnigan DSQ-EI / 250 (Thermo Scientific, USA)
Elemental Analyzer EA-3000 (EuroVector, Italy)
Atomic emission spectrometry with microwave plasma Agilent 4100 MP-AES (Agilent, USA)

Melting point analyzer M-560 (Buchi, Switzerland)

Spectrophotometer UV-1800 (SHIMADZU, Japan)
The moisture analyzer MS-50 (A & D, Japan)
Refractometer NAR-2T (Atago, Japan)
Automatic Polarimeter AP-300 (Atago, Japan)

Set for high performance thin layer chromatography with mass spectrometry interface (Camag, Switzerland)


Автоматический титратор для определения воды по Фишеру

Automatic titrator for the determination of water by Fischer 870 KF Titrino plus (Metrohm, Switzerland)

Автоматический титратор DL 15

Automatic potentiometric titrator DL-15 (Mettler Toledo, Switzerland)

Microwave Decomposition System (Berghof, USA)
Laboratory pH meter (ITAN, Russia)