Лифильня осушка

Freeze drying FreeZone
(Labcocnoco AG, Swithland)

газовые счетчики

Drum gas meters TG series (Ritter, Germany)
Scales analytical

Thermostats (+20 … +100) and cryostats (-30… +100)
 Mixer ZL-1, 0 RK01:
Mixer Z-shaped blades designed for dry or wet mixtures (pastes) from the research and experimental work
 Installing “Cascade-1″:
Installing “Cascade-1″ is designed for mixing (mixing) of minerals and high-quality preparation of the charge. Used mainly in the manufacture of ceramic products, and can also be used in other fields of industry, where a high degree of homogenization and granulation of raw materials
 Measuring the strength of granules IPG-1 M:
Measuring the strength of granules HST-1M – stationary laboratory instrument cyclic operation – designed to measure the fracture strength pellets with regard to its static strength according to GOST 21560.2-82. Registered in the State Register of Measuring № 5652-03, the type approval certificate RU.C.28.005.A № 15030
 Vibration machine VP-30T:
Vibratory drive with a timer and a device for mounting screens. Vibratory drive is designed for communication oscillation elements are mounted on the vibratory process equipment (fractionation powders, granules). Vibroprivody VP-30T is equipped with a timer allows you to set the duration of the period of 1 to 30 minutes