Laboratory of catalytic research

LCR TSU is a multi-profile research center performing a wide range of fundamental and applied studies in physical chemistry and catalysis, surface properties, organic synthesis, biomedicine, polymer chemistry, physical and chemical analysis along with materials science.

The laboratory was established in 1965 on the platform of physical chemistry department. The catalysts for oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde introduced on 5 factories of the USSR (Severo-Donetsk, Tomsk, etc.) were developed in the period of 1965-1980; also various tasks for chemical enterprises were carried out. In 2002-2006 a catalyst for partial oxidation of ethylene glycol to glyoxal was invented. In 2010-2012 a technology of crystalline glyoxal synthesis was developed, which is now implemented in Federal Scientific and Industrial Center “Altai” (Biysk, Russia).

Through time, the laboratory has prepared over 300 specialists in physical chemistry and catalysis, including over 50 Ph.D. and 4 Sc.D. graduates. Since 2002 to 2014 the laboratory personnel number has risen to 80 employees, with 12 of them having Sc.D. and 21 having Ph.D. degrees; the amount of modern equipment as well as the range of scientific interests has been also increased.

Currently the Laboratory of catalytic research features:

  • Department of catalysis (Head – Magaev O.V., Ph.D.)
  • Department of organic synthesis (Head – Malkov V.S., Ph.D.)
  • Laboratory of physical and chemical analysis (Head – Kokova D.A.)
  • Departments of polymers and monomers (Head – Filimoshkin A.G., Sc.D.)
  • Department of materials science (Head – Zykova A.P.)
  • Center of collective use for sorption and catalytic research (Head – Magaev O.V., Ph.D.)
  • Laboratory of translational cellular and molecular biomedicine (Head – J.G. Kzhyshkowska, Sc.D.)

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