Modern high technologies, being introduced by our laboratory, require attraction of capable and competent experts in the field of physics, mathematics, chemistry, chemical technology, etc. Our purposes and tasks are focused on the organization of the system of oriented training at the laboratory of catalytic research and assistance in highly skilled experts training in the field of chemistry. The work is conducted with higher educational institutions, research organizations and industrial enterprises both in the Russian Federation and abroad. We hope that as a result of this activity the trained young specialist will take rightful place and be competitive at the qualified personnel market.

A multilevel training of equipment operators and specialists of industrial enterprises, research laboratories and organizations is carried out. Refresher courses, individual internships to improve and widen the application of laboratory equipment in the organizations can be organized

Work with students and post-graduates

Revealing and supporting of creative students and post-graduates through sponsoring of the competitions in chemistry and olympiads, carrying out and participation in personal grants and competitions in natural and technical fields of science. The winners of the competitions and prize-winners of the olympiads, who managed to show high creativity and intelligent potential, receive advantages in competition on lab working position and scientific internships on the basis of our partnering organizations. Besides, the students and post-graduates mentioned are put into our database and can receive job offers to participate in new laboratory projects as well as in partnering organizations.

Purposeful training of young specialists by constant monitoring of diplomas and term papers of the students by lab employees as well as practice on the basis of our industrial partnering companies. We also participate in Bachelor and Master programs in chemistry for students and post-graduates of both Russian and international higher educational institutions and research organizations. We provide the opportunities for young scientists and specialists to become familiarize with technologies and area we are engaged in as well as to prepare the scientific and dissertation work by solving a real practical task.

Activity to support the scientific research of students and post-graduates

- Welcome day: presentations, lab excursions. Regularity: 1-2 times in the first year term and one time at the beginning of the second term.

- The LCR Olympics for 1-4-year students.

- The LCR Scholarship for active 1-5-year students of chemical department of TSU.

- The LCR Professor scholarships for 1-5-year students (special personal scholarships provided by Prof. L.N. Kurina and O.V. Vodyankina. Scholarships are awarded to the students for academic merits.

- The Newchem LLC Scholarship (special scholarship of our industrial partner; besides, the opportunities to have a practice, internship, job offer are provided).

- The LCR Summer School (a summer school is organized for LCR students which are considered to be offered a job position at the LCR. New students are also engaged. During 3-4-day program several events take place (lectures, presentations, quiz shows, sporting events, cultural events, etc.). The aim is to tell the audience about LCR, show them how to work in a team, etc.

- Business games (the participants during the stated timeframe to present their team solution of real industrial task from scientific and business points of view).

- Excursions for 1-4-year students to industrial enterprises and scientific institutes.

- Competition of scientific publications prepared by students (the competition among 2-4-year students of Chemical Department of TSU).

- Vacancy (job offer is a prize in this type of competition).